The Professional Prevention Account (C2P) allows all employees who risk accidents or illnesses due to their profession to accumulate points. These points then make it possible to train for another profession, to switch to part-time work and above all to be able to retire earlier, without the risk of a reduction in pension. This system does not apply to home workers such as home health aides, according to Capital.

Only the periods of exposure to risks after 2014 count. The points are declared annually by the employer, no action is to be taken on the side of the employees. Since 2017, 6 risk factors have been taken into account by the C2P: hyperbaric work (performed underwater at a depth of 12 meters or more), under extreme temperatures (below 5°C or above 30°C) , in a particularly noisy environment, night work (between midnight and 5 a.m.), alternating night work, and repetitive work.

Points are awarded according to the following logic: 1 point for each quarter you are exposed to a risk factor, which doubles when you are exposed to 2 or more risk factors. The maximum points attainable is 100 points. Finally, if you were born after 1960, your first 20 points must be spent on training.

Regarding the end of your career, for 10 points you are entitled to a quarter’s advance on your retirement, which can accumulate until you retire 2 years later than the legal retirement age. The site gives access to their account to all the employees concerned. They can consult the number of points accumulated there, and make their requests for the use of these points.

Based on the criteria of the risk factors, Planet has identified for you 9 professions allowing you to accumulate points, and therefore potentially retire earlier.