Retirement: 3 good reasons to postpone your departure date


Have you acquired enough quarters to obtain a full pension? To find out, study your acquired rights via your personal account, accessible on the website. You can indeed consult your individual career statement (RIS), which lists all of your quarters contributed and assimilated in the various pension schemes (general and supplementary). Before choosing an effective retirement date, take the time to study your file carefully: at least 6 months in advance, in order to have any errors that slip into one out of 7 files, depending on the latest report on the certification of Social Security accounts, published on May 24 by the Court of Auditors.

Career mistakes account for about half of the number of residual blunders affecting pension benefits. When we know that three-quarters of these breaches are unfavorable to the insured, it is better to look into it seriously.

Are you missing one or two trimesters? In order to benefit from a pension without a discount, it is better to postpone your departure date. As Dominique PrĂ©vert, a partner at Optimaretraite, told us, “you can also stay in your company beyond the legal age, whether or not the required number of quarters has been reached. And this, whether for personal or emotional reasons. , psychological or economic. Because the difference in purchasing power between your salary and your retirement pension can be significant. By continuing to work, you can therefore, in the short term, have higher incomes, while generating new rights in retirement, up to 63, 64 or 65. This will allow you to have a significant premium.”

Indeed, the rate of your insurance period varies between 37.5 and 50% (50% being the “full rate”). By continuing your activity beyond the acquisition of the full rate, you can obtain an increase of 1.25% per quarter, throughout the duration of your pension payment, recalls Femme Actuelle.

What are the other benefits of shifting your retirement date?

If you had planned to liquidate your pension rights at the end of the year, it may be beneficial for you to postpone your departure to the beginning of the following year. “The basic plan is based on the 25 best years to calculate the average annual salary. However, the last year, which often offers the highest annual remuneration, is only taken into account if it has been completed in full. Thus, it is better to leave on January 1 than on December 1 to increase the calculation of your pension”, recommends the expert. “Even if it only adds 20 to 30 euros per month, over time, it amounts to thousands of euros over 20 or 30 years of life expectancy.” Think about it.

Why is it also recommended to delay retirement by one year?

Having reached the full rate in the general scheme is good, but that does not mean that you will escape the temporary penalty of 10% for three years, introduced in 2019 by Agirc-Arrco. To avoid it, you will therefore have to contribute four other quarters of retirement by postponing your departure date by a few months to a year (depending on your income).

By working beyond that, you could even enjoy a bonus of 10, 20 or 30% (depending on the number of additional years worked), but for only one year.