The President of the Republic had committed to it. Faced with the sharp rise in inflation, which remains lower in France than it can be in the rest of the countries of the European Union, Emmanuel Macron has promised the revaluation of retirement pensions from July. This therefore means, explains Capital, that retirees will be able to take advantage of this boost from August 9, with the payment still being deferred by one month. Beware, however! If this boost concerns all basic pensions, with the exception of lawyers, this does not mean that the increase will be calculated on the entire pension.

The State, remind our colleagues, does not in fact have control over supplementary pensions… Which in fact constitute a significant part of the income received by the insured. We should therefore not expect an increase in these as significant as an unfortunate announcement effect might have led us to believe. Especially since there are still many “grey areas”, judge the journalists of the monthly specialized in economics.

Fortunately for the most impatient of retirees as well as for those who might find this insufficient, there are other solutions. Certain reflexes allow, in fact, to inflate its income… including after having liquidated its rights. While it is generally (significantly) more effective to start early and resort to saving or postponing your departure date, a few other simple reflexes can ensure significant gains. The list in our slideshow, which you will find below.