According to a study conducted by the Italian University of Padova, nearly one in two women suffers from the retirement of their partner. Stress, sleep disorders, depression… The symptoms – or consequences – are numerous and testify to a real illness: the syndrome of the retired spouse.

Retirement is a key stage in life. If it is supposed to inspire rest, time for oneself and freedom, it can unfortunately be a source of a drop in self-confidence, an abandonment of one’s plans or an even deeper malaise. But did you know that difficulties could also be encountered by the wife of the young retiree?

Women who work part-time or at home are the first to be affected by the pensioner syndrome. Very present at home, they can not take well the arrival of an intruder in this place so quiet that is their home.

However, women who work full time or work away from home are also victims of this disease. Still active, they may find it difficult to understand their husband’s new retirement life, his new needs and desires. The incompatibility of the schedule can also pose a problem in the couple.

Why are women more affected than men? This is explained by the fact that they are generally younger than their husband, which implies that they retire later. A minority of men, however, may be affected by retired spouse syndrome. Kindness and tolerance are therefore, as in many cases, essential to the smooth running of this event.