Neumeisters autumn auctions began with the old art and works of the 19th century.Century. Star to be a Fräulein von Tschirschky was Bögendorff the privilege of a lady-in-waiting at the court of Saxony, which was portrayed by Barbara Rosina de Gasc to 1750/60 in a rose-green, glittering embroidered Rococo robe. A half-dozen bidders contested in the room and on the phones to the factory of the images, Antoine Pesnes trained artist and five times the lower estimate, with a hammer price of € 40,000. In the same period the elder Johann Heinrich tischbein painted in the Turkish fashion the image of an old Sultan with a young odalisque, which rose to 22,000 euros (estimate 18.000/20.000). A half-century earlier, the German sculptor Lorenz Luidl carved earned a Pair of one-Meter-large Putten, in ancient armor, with drum and trumpet blazed and 26,000 euros (15.000/20.000).

The pastel portrait of a young woman Franz von Stuck, in 1933, signed, doubled its estimate at € 12,000, and heads over to the Department of the 19.Century, where Bavarian Subjects, and artists were in demand. The crowned “EL” in the corner of a winter landscape with a hunting sled turned out to be the monogram of the Bavarian Princess Elisabeth Ludovika, Queen of Frederick WilhelmsIV. of Prussia. In the on the vehicle, just on deer berthing Lord, it was the husband and brother-in-law Johann of Saxony: In the frame with a coat-of-arms cartridge of the Saxon Royal house, the work of the talented Sunday painter brought it up to 11,000 euros (8000). A fitting costume girl with hat by Franz Defregger increased to 10,000 euros (6000/ 8000), and Eduard von Grützners “cheated out of with” you see hunter, innkeeper, farmer, and father in a card game, created an amazing 45,000 euros (12.000/ 15.000). Here is a view to the Tyrol: Oskar Mulley was a castle near Merano in its special spatula technique; this was rewarded with 27,000 euros (20.000/25.000).

The auctions of Modern art culminated in August Macke’s pencil drawing with a “street scene from Tunis”. The number increased from 25,000 to 42,000 euros, and comes from a sketch book, the Macke in 1914, filled in on the famous journey. The most expensive sculpture, the Bronze “Sur le sable was 22,000 Euro (20.000/ 30.000)”, from an Edition of 1986, the Spaniard, Baltasar Lobo.