As in the spring, the Baroque painter Micha Lina Wautier sat in the auction of Old Masters at Van Ham in Cologne on the top: your small wood panel of a “boys with tobacco” ranked with the award for 90,000 euros at the lower end of the estimate (up to 120,000 euros). It Salomon van Ruysdaels “Large river landscape” with 50,000 euros (60.000/70.000). British trade took the 1405 resulting Florentine tempera painting of the Scolaio di San Giovanni with the Saint Francis and Julianus, and two angels, the worship of the “Madonna with child”, to the lower estimate of 40000 Euro. A “Franconian landscape” by Carl Spitzweg goes to China for 33,000 Euro (12.000/15.000); his painting “grid” with an eye-catching red touring car in front of the tavern rose to 45,000 euros (up to 12,000).

In the case of the Classical Modern of the survival jumped large bronze of “Young champion” by Georg Kolbe in the year 1935, one of three castings, 175.000 euros (80.000/120.000). The 250,000 to 350,000 Euro maximum prized lot of the auction, Lovis Corinth’s lush “roses” from 1910, found no buyers. From the estate of entrepreneur Heinz Kettler submitted Bronze of a female “youth” by Fritz Klimsch, built around 1940/41, went for 50,000 euros (35.000/55.000). In 1908, painted by Hans Purrmann, the “flower still life in the artist’s Studio”, because he had already finished his studies under Franz von Stuck and had moved to Paris. The dynamism and vitality of the image were a southern German collector 80.000 EUR (40.000/60.000) value.

the art after 1945 some international auctions records. Heinz Mack’s object box “Little forest” in 1966, the upper estimate of 20.0000 Euro far behind when 80.0000 Euro – the highest award for a factory-Macks ever. With buyer’s premium the buyer is investing a Million euros. Records were also available for Max, Bill, and Fritz Winter: bill’s constructivist large-format “white square with user anderten corners” of 1962/78 scored 190.000 euros (60.000/ 80.000); winter’s “composition with Red-Yellow” from 1957 came to 22.0000 Euro (70.000/ 10.0000). Rupprecht Geiger’s pulsating Ellipse “382/63 (Red Round)” from 1963 has been increased to 135000 euros (50.000/70.000). Imi Knoebel 1988 created abstract sculptural portrait of his daughter, “Olga and Lina”, required 110,000 euros (30.000/50.000). For a period of six prints from Roy Lichtenstein’s “Bull Profile Series” from 1973, the Hammer fell at 115000 euros (60.000/80.000).

In the case of the contemporaries Peter Halley’s monumental “Essentialism was able to achieve” 1998 105.000 euros (40.000/60.000). Stephan Balkenhol’s Wawaholz-sculpture “no title (man and fish)” reached the Obertaxe of 60,000 euros. With a turnover of 6.8 million euros of the targeted 5.5 million euros were exceeded for the Modern and contemporaries. The Ancient art brought in 1.7 million euros, versus expectations of 1.5 million.