After three days of the autumn auctions of art of the 20th century. and 21.Century prevailed in the case of Ketterer excellent mood. With a result of € 23.5 million (including 25% buyer’s premium) claimed the house for “the best auction of the year in Germany”. The front seats share the works of the Classical Modern with living classics, which corresponded to the time in the catalog made a mixture of the two groups. The podium Emil Nolde’s oil Painting “autumn clouds, Friesland busy” of 1929. It once belonged to the great collector Bernhard Sprengel, who gave it the current Vendors. You could look forward to about the Supplement at 1.35 million Euro, making a phone bidder from Russia approved the Central estimate (estimate of 1.2/1.5 million Euro); with premium you paid more than 1.68 million euros. Günther Uecker “Tender garden” was a Surprise, as the early work of 1964, in a Uecker’s an unusual Rosé, and in the nail-waves seem to be two of the human body indicated: International prospects ahead of a private bid from Brandenburg to the hammer blow of 1.17 million euros (600.000/800.000). Gerhard Richter’s portrait of the Rhine entrepreneur and collector Willy Schniewind in the kind of blurry photos went to the call for 700,000 euros to the lower estimate of 800 000 Euro (up 1.2 million) on a bid from Taiwan. Then Classical Modern: A Berlin private collector got August Macke in 1913, on the lake of Thun watercolour “splash” against many competitors for 750,000 euros, far above the estimate of 350,000 to 450,000 Euro. With these four Loose it managed to Ketterer under the Top Ten of the German auctions (F. A. Z. of 22.December 2018).

the next appears Baselitz with the 1991 painted “meandering song (28.VII.91/2.VIII.91)”, which was honored with the Alfred Neven-DuMont-provenance, 530.000 euros (300.000/400.000), followed by Erich of his paintings made of “bathers on the stone”, for which, reportedly, is “the most important southern German expressionism collection” used the lower estimate of 500000 Euro. Analyses showed that it is cast in lehmbruck’s “Bent female Torso” to a first Plaster version of the Paris time – a rarity, the raised German private bids at 300000 euros (160000/180000). Kirchner, too, cut quite good, for the market-fresh oil Painting “house on the season” the hut of the family shows Rüesch, in Kirchner the summer of 1918, spent, fell to the Hammer at 320,000 euros (200.000/300.000) and for the pastel “self-portrait with Gerda (man and Sitting in the Studio)” for 400,000 Euro, of the lower estimate. Also 400,000 Euro (400.000/ 600.000) reached the best-selling four-Nay-plants, the “Black star track” from 1955.

it has never been paid for a painting Konrad Klaphecks to auction the 420,000 euros (200.000/ 300.000), the record is now his “Royal”typewriter, 1957. However, no Hand for Sol LeWitt’s Open Cube”Pyramid” (300.000/ 400.000) was raised. A front place among the sculptures by Tony Cragg red-nosed Bronze globular conquered “Versus” from 2012 with 300000 euros (250.000/350.000). In the 61 Lots of comprehensive contemporaries offer, Imi Knoebel appeared with no less than seven Works, among which the “Anima mundi 41-5” after a persistent battle for 115,000 euros (70.000/90.000) a written order went. Also of Balkenhol’s a whole selection available, especially to the great Relief of “man succeeded” in 1987, at 48,000 euros (40.000/60.000). Individual pieces were Karin Kneffels “untitled”-painting of a Dalmatian on red-and-white tiles of 2003 with 75,000 euros (70.000) or Norbert Biskys, “he’s coming”, three blond young men with geschulterten rods, with 62,000 Euro (20.000/30.000).