The Modern auction, at Karl&Faber in Munich ended after just a few minutes as a Surprise, as Alexander Kanoldts called impressionistic angewehtes early work “houses in Munich” 1908 with 10,000 euros and 60,000 euros a room bidder. A little later five early, from the estate of Barbara Göpel master landscape studies, Max Beckmann’s the room in suspense: The best price, a “coastal landscape with houses and boats” with a 45,000 Euro (20.000/30.000); a “landscape with lake” went for 33,000 Euro (18.000/ 24.000) in a Northern German Museum scored. held Six digit results for Max Liebermann made his blue and yellow flowered “flower terrace in the Wannsee garden” was a private collector to the lower estimate of 40.0000 Euro and Hermann Max Pechstein, whose portrait of his wife Charlotte in Green and Red scored 140,000 euros (140.000/160.000) in the hall. Completely Campendonk corresponded painting “cows in the woods” from 1919 to his favorite role, as the Hammer finished at 600,000 Euro (400.000/600.000) a lively battle in favour of a telephone bidder.

With the decline of the works of Jawlensky’s and Gabriele Münters in the best company Yves was later Small with a posthumously edited “Relief planétaire” in the match for the art after 1945 until today. The top took instead five ten-part Photo series “cooling tower typology” of Bernd and Hilla Becher; for a total of 240,000 euros (150.000/200.000) she travels to America, German museums had the Look. With paper cut from the work of Neo Rauch, Tondo “Plan” of 1994 ended up to 200.000 Euro (100.000/120.000), and the no less enigmatic – “Great sea” in the upper estimate of 120,000 euros. A Spanish collector secured at the price of 125.000 Euro (100.000/150.000) Jesús Rafael Soto’s “Azul y negro”, 1971, from the result of the “link to images”.

enormous resonance in the Hamburg collection of Frank Preuss met with; the special catalogue “sexy line” provided a large part of art on paper by sixty artists. Significant increases experienced Fontana’s “Concetto Spaziale platforms” on vellum with 18,000 euros (8.000/10.000) and a red copy of Fautriers “Otage”- Phase with a € 24,000 (4000); Keith Singer light tube work, “Sa-Sel” rushed to 33,000 euros (12.000/16.000) and the German trade. To sold one hundred percent of a collection of fifty drawings of the Art Brut artists of the psychiatric hospital in Maria Gugging: The wax-chalk drawing “Sophia Loren” by Johann Hauser climbed to an impressive 17,000 euros (7000/9000).

In the case of the previously auctioned Old Niclas van Veerendael from the Master shot the bird: The gorgeous packages from roses, tulips, hibiscus and blackberries, the Antwerp 1672 painted, was decades in German private ownership until it was now able to wrest a foreign merchant against his commandment of 29.0000 EUR (50.000/60.000) a number of opponents. Humble was one of the paintings of the 19th century.Century, where, in addition to Spitzwegs of the unusual flat landscape in the twilight, the brought under tax 13,500 Euro, Philipp Sporrers burlesque portrayal of a “post-drawn carriage in the mountains (The torture case)” with 17,000 Euro succeeded far beyond the estimate.