In the wage conflict in the aviation security industry, the trade Union Verdi calls on the staff of the aviation security industry, from Tuesday 2 o’clock until 20 o’clock the work. This has been know in the Morning from trade Union circles.

Jochen Remmert

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung, responsible for the airport and Offenbach.

F. A. Z.

last week, Verdi had called on other German airports to Strike. The largest German airports had with the exception of the unionists so far, because the Holiday didn’t want to hinder it. In Hesse, the Christmas holiday ends on Monday.

Due to the strike the wage negotiations between the Association of the aviation security company and the trade Union Verdi for about 23.000 Employees of flight safety. Verdi wants to freight a hourly wage of 20 euros for the employees of the passenger, and personnel control to enforce.