After the beginning of the strike of security personnel at the airports Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart will have to adjust airline passengers in Germany to significant limitations. So what should be done to passengers in case of a strike:

information : the first point of contact for passengers, the airline is always, in the case of package tours is the tour operator. The airport provides on its website detailed information about current departure and arrival times. In the case of information from the Internet, it is advisable to print, in order to have later a receipt.

Rebook or Cancel :A strike due to the cancelled flight, the customer can cancel, he gets back his money. Who wants to fly anyway, you are entitled to a later flight. It may take a while until the strike is over –and even longer as a backwater. Is a replacement flight until the next day, or later, must, the Airline, accommodation and Transfers to Hotel. In the case of a package travel, the tour operator must provide alternative transport.

delay : For flights up to 1,500 kilometres, passengers will have two hours of delay claim to care and support services –i.e., telephone calls, beverages, meals and, where appropriate, an Overnight stay in a Hotel. In a range from 1500 to 3500 kilometres, there is support for three hours, after 3500 miles after four hours.

punctuality : Even with a large foreseeable delay, passengers should always be to the original departure time at the airport. There is the risk that the airline offer, but to a replacement flight the definition of travellers miss him then.