Factory-lunch in a restaurant chain ceo Matti Karvonen is tired.

the Rear is one and a half weeks to control and gapless personal contribution to the restaurant industry all the time in combat in the battle.

the metropolitan area of fifteen Factory-the restaurant is now closed eight. Visitor numbers have fallen by about 85%. All of the more than 120 employees have co-determination negotiations the subject.

in the Field all know that there is a lot of bankruptcies. Now Karvonen and his over 10 000 restaurant entrepreneur to his colleague waiting to see what the state line restaurant opening of. Prime minister Sanna Marin (sd.) said Tuesday afternoon that restaurants and nightclubs are closing. Details of the activities are still expected Tuesday night.

– Speculation is hard. Let’s hope decisions, which should be clear rules of the game to all the restaurants, Karvonen said.

it Is Tuesday afternoon and time for lunch the second half. Interview place, the company Pitäjänmäki restaurant, is about repeat customers.

This is getting bigger on Thursday 12. day, and Friday eat for the amount of the decreased time radically. Do I then scenarios about what the client happened from that point forward. They were all too positive, i.e.-eating counts are still pretty radical, Karvonen times.

PAM: a Disastrous situation

the company spectrum is pretty: cafes, lunch restaurants, day restaurants, fast food chains, bars and nightclubs. Some get food, some drink, some both. Food will be picked up, or syödäään just on the spot.

the closures are expected to start, for example, non-essential considered nightclubs. Demarcation is, however, tricky, as all decisions have consequences.

in Several of the restaurants have signs that tell of the situation of the progress. HOK-Elanto to close all their restaurant, yesterday on Monday.Silja Viitala / Yle

Asiakaskato has already caused lay-offs and negotiations of the suman, which applies to more than ten thousand employees. Total restaurant industry employs in Finland, over 70 000 people.

– This is the time of a disastrous situation and hit the first restaurant sector, Services sector trade union PAM:the president Annika Rönni-Sällinen said.

PAM’s unemployment fund expects a record backlog, if the bankruptcy is coming to a conveyor belt. Federal employment counselling is already a congested inter alia, the restaurant workers the phone calls.

Almost all sector of large companies is the negotiations are over. We have heard that people distributed to laid-off pads, Rönni-Sällinen said.

What PAM, I hope?

– politicians and the authorities make the decisions. We hope that the takeaway food manufacture could continue, because it is not so much client exposure. Food distribution should work and if people get for example a lunch elsewhere, so the shops in the checkout line to receive even more exposure and there is increasing, Rönni-Sällinen said.

“small businessmen fighting for life and death”

the Restaurateurs are forced in any case to adapt their activities. People in public life is to a minimum.

kuopio pro King’s Crown restaurant put restaurant Monday closed and laid off its staff. Now entrepreneurs are making and selling food up to a few pounds of pre-ordered portions directly from the restaurant and a few local food store.

Helsinki citycenter the usual buzz of the restaurant floor was quiet on Wednesday 18. march.Silja Viitala / Yle

Some entrepreneurs have comprehensive insurance, but it is still uncertain whether they will be reimbursed, if the state power to the amount the door closed.

lunch time as has gone pretty well, but the evenings are just a disaster. If the restaurant closes, so then staff are laid off and will be discussed with the insurance company. Unless there’s a replacement, so consider whether the state. We live in really exciting times, in jätkäsaari in Helsinki, located in the Malaga Bar entrepreneur stina of johns wort said.

NoHo restaurant of the ceo Aku Vikström hope a clear to close decision. The company has a total of 250 restaurants, bars or nightclubs.

– the landlords have not come against, but if we can get a clear provision of the restaurants closing, negotiating design changes. This is about a big scale. We as a big company is more secure in this situation, but small business owners fighting for life and death, Vikström said.

Factory-chain ceo Matti Karvonen makes the management decisions, when the government line is clear.

we Believe strongly in the fact that we came here to rise. We have all the personnel their own books, and hope to quickly get back to the start.

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