Purchasing power. The wallet stands out as one of the most important questions for French women and men. This is also one of the themes that was discussed during the presidential campaign… and which continues to challenge. Hardly surprising in itself, given the high inflation the nation faces. Consumer prices, in May 2022, increased by 5.2% year on year, as reported by Le Figaro. A complex situation to grasp, which the government did not fail to notice. This is demonstrated by the series of measures that the executive intends to take. These include a number of upgrades…

Several services must indeed be subject to an upward revision from the month of July, as Planet has been able to explain in the past. The first of these, and perhaps the most obvious, is obviously the revaluation planned for retirement pensions from the general scheme. It was a campaign promise, made before the re-election of the head of state. It has committed to a 4% increase during the summer, which will be effective from July but whose beneficiaries will only see the color from August, due to the time differential intrinsic to the pension payment model.

This is not the first increase in pensions that has occurred in 2022, observes the Aveyron branch of Center Presse. In January, they had already climbed by 1.1%, which represents an overall increase of 5.1% over the year. That is slightly less than the announced inflation. This is why some unions consider that it is still too little and are demanding more: at least 4.5% in July, “with retroactive effect from January 1”.

That being said, other upgrades are also planned. Summary.

All in all, six other allowances are likely to benefit from a revaluation, informs Dossier Familial on its site. The following services are therefore concerned:

The social minima, our colleagues still specify, should be revalued in advance by 4%, which corresponds to the same increase as retirement pensions.

This is not the only commitment made by Emmanuel Macron. The Head of State, while still campaigning for his re-election in 2022, had also promised to rework the accessibility of such aid. “On the social minima, I wish to be able to revalue them this summer, at the same time as making the system much simpler” he indeed advanced on April 20, 2022. A promise made in front of Marine Le Pen, during the debate of the in-between rounds.

However, he did not make any commitment relating to the APL, which had been quickly revised downwards during the previous term of office.