The gambling commission carries out an investigation into the advertising of the gaming operator Napoleon Games for KAA Gent. In the last issue of eersteklasseclub, it was announced that: “Experience a day in Buffalo! “. Supporters will be able to have a day of breakfast, work out, and play a game of FIFA, will play with the players, Sven Kums, Laurent Depoitre, and of Jonathan and David. But for those who want the price to place a bet on KAA Gent-sponsor Napoleon Games, at least 1, – euro. That is, write The Time on Saturday.

According to minister of Justice Koen Geens (CD&V) has seen its games of chance “are clear violations of the rules that are from Man’s self-imposed, for gokreclame by a royal decree of October 25, 2018. It shows that each of the advertisements have a distinct minimum, and the words “Bet with moderation!! “ for this to work. “The offer of the bonuses, includes several dangers to one. In this manner, new players are encouraged to start gambling, players once again have to guess,” said the minister.

KAA Gent, did not wish to comment on the Napoleon Games will want to head to Tom De Clercq that was for sure. “This action applies according to the us within the regulatory framework. Our marketing team has explained to me, if you would like to participate, you have an account on our trading platform. We aim, therefore, was clearly not up to the minors because you have to be 18 years of age in order to be able to register it. … And it will be sufficient for 1 euro, in order to take part in the action. That is, it is a different thing than asking for 100 or 150 euro to collapse.”

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