In the centre of Cologne, fell on Friday on the open road shots. Interested Parties will then be fled, police said. In the vicinity of the crime scene in a side street near the main train station officials arrested a little later presumed to have been Involved. The 29-Year-old carried a sharp weapon. The police went after two other men and a woman, to be fled, according to witness information from the scene of the crime. Injured there, according to initial findings, no.

the Background of The fact, was, according to police sources initially unclear, but that there is a connection to the Rocker Milieu. For more Details, the investigator is not called. Detectives secured evidence at the crime scene.

According to police, several witnesses had noticed on Friday at noon a loud argument on the ground floor of a house, then shifted to looking at the road. The shots were fired. A man and a woman escaped in a black car. The 29-Year-old had run away. He could little be later described. A special unit searched the affected house. The officers found no evidence of other Parties.