as a Coach, Carlo and Such as it is, not to mention the renovations that have been carried out in the locker room of the San Paolostadion of This. In response to the web site of the club, who hurls the normally affable coach, He Will have cf.

“I’ve seen the condition of the changing rooms of San Paolo, of. There are no words for it. I agree with you that the club is the first of two games on the move, wanted to play, so it works as promised, could not be completed. Within two months, you can build a house, but they weren’t in the locker room renovation project!”, extracts of the 60-year-old Such of.

Due to the update and played vicekampioen This be the first of two matches played this season, is on the move. Following a 3-4 win at Fiorentina with a goal and an assist from Will, and was followed by a 4-3 defeat to champion Juventus. On Saturday, plays Right to his first ” home of the Serie A, against Sampdoria and next week Tuesday to receive the Italians in the uefa Champions League title to Liverpool.

“so what should we change for the match against Sampdoria and Liverpool?”, requests Such as himself. “I am appalled by the incompetence of the people in charge of the work. Why is it that the agreements were not respected? It’s a lack of respect for the team. And I’m terrified.”

In the Gazzetta dello Sport does the person responsible is the architect Filomena Smiraglia. “The statements made by Such a surprise for me,” she says. “Today, we will have a guided tour of the changing rooms, organised by the vice-president of Napoli, Edoardo De Laurentiis. That was expressed to the workers of his level of satisfaction with the delivered work.”

Carlo Perego of the construction Tipiesse, is referred to the works stated in La Gazzetta that “the refurbishment of the changing rooms has been completed, with a few differences”. “You have a deadline of this Friday at 10 p.m., it is hereby confirmed.”

It is strange: Such as may have bile to spew on the official channel of communication from the club. What it should point to the fact that others within the club wasn’t very pleased with what happened in the past few months, all is not done.