In the Frankfurt Zoo is flowed in the last 25 years, a lot of money. And yet there are some dirty corners. The Penguin enclosure, to be opened in the summer with a year’s delay, is the last project in a series of investments, which was obtained by the former zoo Director Manfred Niekisch 2008 approved. Has been funded with the then for ten years provided 30 million euros in the Ukumari-country, in the now, the spectacled bears with a South American forest, dogs, and anteaters live. The plant, together with the new Entrance building. The building complex houses next to the society house is not only the funds, but also a Zoo Shop. In the rear part of a modern quarantine station is located. And not only for the Zoo, because animals are housed, the customs or police.

Patricia Andreae

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

As Niekisch, at the time, took office, he was able to open up the last great building project of his predecessor, the great apes, plant and Borgori forest, which had been built for 15 million euros. Previously, the city had invested since the mid-nineties, for example, in the construction of the cat jungle and the seal cliffs. Before that, however, there was always re-investment gaps. The city lacked money, but it was also thought time and again about the relocation of the zoo, which has hampered the willingness to modernization.

A master plan to develop

Wherefore also the Director of the zoo, Miguel Casares now warns of a new debate on such a project. He wants instead to develop a master plan, so that the Zoo can be developed in the next years and decades. However, he would like to renovate in Detail, but the Zoo in multiple zones divide – a Northern area around the East entrance and the Grzimek Camp and a southern part of the site, where currently the Zebras housed. “Surface is everything,” says Casares, has been developed in Spain Zoos on a smaller area.


That renovations are necessary, the Director shortly after taking office, the members of the culture Committee. During a tour, he showed them last spring, those buildings that are in particularly poor condition. To them belongs the house, the share rhinoceros and hippopotamus. The two representatives, especially of endangered species after the death of their Partner alone. The outdoor facilities are drab, and in the Interior of the house of Casares did not want to do the city councillors is clear that there is a welfare is possible. But also the work of protection was a Problem. Zookeeper would have to crawl to the part through the narrow, damp passages, in order to get cages.