The Expansion of wind energy in the country has gone in the past year, more than expected. 2018 is only good 740 wind turbines have been built with a total capacity of 2400 megawatts, such as the German wind energy Association (BWE) announced on this Tuesday in Berlin. That is a decline of the Expansion of about the half in comparison to 2017, with 5300 megawatts of new wind power on Land, however, a record year. Also for this year and next year, the Association is pessimistic: 2019 would not be expected to even reach 2000 megawatts of new installed capacity.

A certain decline in the BWE had expected for 2018 – in the summer, the Association had forecast new wind power with a capacity of 3300 to 3500 megawatts in the year as a whole. Background of the development of an Amendment to the promotion of wind energy. Instead of set, from the outset, over 20 years of guaranteed electricity-decrease in wind tendered prices parks. Who asks for his equipment, the lowest power-purchase prices, is awarded the contract.

This is true but as a far less attractive. Therefore, the company tried to with high pressure to already planned projects that are still under the old funding regime to approve. These projects were phased out in 2018. Besides, it always comes back to delays in the construction of new wind turbines, since it suits almost always about from local residents.

The onshore wind energy is the most important source of renewable energy, which accounts for a total of almost 40 percent of consumption.