Renee Paquette, producer Emilio Sparks and the latest episode the Sessions predicted that both Royal Rumble matches would take place tonight at the WWE Royal Rumble. Renee Paquette is rooting for her friend to win the Women’s Royal Rumble match.

Paquette stated, “I feel a bit like a homer for saying this, however I really would love to see Lita go out on another run.” “I really want to see it. She definitely has it in her. Lita is the girl to talk about if you want someone who can give a genuine rub. Lita should continue on. It would be awesome to see Lita perform a Rumble into Mania program. She looks incredible, it seems like she is having an amazing time. She’s taking her training seriously but still enjoying it . This is what I would love to see.

Lita is the woman Renee Paquette wants, but she also admitted that she was making two picks to hedge her bet. The second is a WWE woman’s performer, who is expected to return to the Rumble.

Paquette stated, “I’m a little confused.” I want it to be Lita. It would be amazing to see Lita win the Mania and win it. As my second option, there are two. I like the idea that Asuka will be back. That idea is very appealing to me. It would be a great idea to have her come in and kick everybody’s arse. It’s truly amazing that she has been away from TV so long. It’s hard to know if there is more. Although I do know that she was injured, I don’t know how well she is now.

“Maybe she has been healed for quite a while. Perhaps she’s just a little bit out of control and is out with this, that and this. I don’t know. If she is being kept away for a reason, then there are some benefits to being off TV for a while and rebuilding your stock. Asuka could have that moment. She is a true star and a huge asset to the women’s locker area and that division. Asuka would be a great addition to my team. Asuka, Lita, and I are my last answers.