Remco Evenepoel, a past as a football player at Anderlecht and PSV eindhoven, is already known. In the Girl’s Late-Night, he told me, however, about the same time that he decided to opt for the world of cycling.

“Football and the cycling is really a new way of life: from the cycling, you have a lot more attitude and a lot of perseverance < / I> is required,” says Evenepoel. “Also, in the fall, there is a big difference in the price is your whole body is open, while in football you can only pitch you can get.”

But when he knew that he was a cyclist it would be? “I was a little on the side in Anderlecht, which makes it fun, the way it fell. I was always using the bike for training and I was already busy with biking, however, not to the driver, but because I, too, love all kinds of sports to do. It’s time that I realize that I am pro that could be came across only last year at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, when I won by a ten-minute head start on the second one. That is when everything started.”

you can Massage

Evenepoel had to get out of it for the 75th anniversary of the Herfstcriterium in West-Flanders Oostrozebeke, the 19-year-old talent got it after about 100 miles, or 25 laps in a sprint finish by three of Julien Vermote and Mauri, Vansevenant.

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For the occasion were: Gert Verhulst, and James Cooke, to join him to to to encourage. That last one was just as a caretaker’s action, but the massage was better than the tins & drink cans to indicate.
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