It rarely works to force people into constellations, which they have not chosen themselves. At work, it may still be that you can’t choose all of his colleagues in advance, especially as expertise, and so on. But even in private life, there are sometimes nights where patch conversations, and the exchange of trivialities dominate (“The vegan Carpaccio is supposed to be very good.” – “Vegan Carpaccio?” – “It is with Avocado.” – “Oh.”). With people you hardly know, and not just as a soul mate turn out to be (“Look at that sweet dog! – “Sorry, I’m more of a cat-person.”), to be in a Restaurant locked, it can be a waste of time stamped. Not the only reason why the Dating is a fourth, the so-called double date, a social institution, in front of the press many a Few years of trying.

Johanna Duerr wood

editor in the Department of society FAZ.NET

F. A. Z.

so If two couples get together, and at least two of the people, or at least not so well know, perhaps, is the optimal condition. And then you should spend a harmless evening.

a measure to pass the time? Eat to photograph!

in order for such an manage to catch, it is favorable that both of the couples are already together. In the determination phase of two people, it is not necessarily advisable, as the potential Partner to bring to two friends, one who does not may suffer, or, even worse, assault him with questions after key scenes of his Childhood and to his political convictions. However, in the case of fixed pairs the double date has been Exhausting and often a little insane. When two people are friends, and expect their respective Partner to be now, then this is likely to be difficult. Why should Sven and Michael are like, just because Tina and Katrin play football together? Because they are both men? Because their women love football? Hardly. At the latest when two of the four people begin to slide constantly on their Smartphones, rigid, uneasy in her seat around to focus better on Instagram than on the double date in the silence, all know that We are not the new four friends plus Timmy the dog, uh, the Cat, of course. Good action to pass the time in this case: the food photography.

In addition, the establishment of double-date, it adheres to such a eingeimpfte bourgeois and bourgeois, that it is almost impossible to loose four of us home together and drink wine. No, there’s cheese skewers. And Board Games! And the brought-in, self-invented Dips to the organic crackers. If it is bad, then the host of the Evening, organize, krampfige screenings of holiday pictures on the TV screen, is actually linked to the Apple TV. This fails, of course, each Time to the technology (“I don’t understand the simple! Yesterday it worked yet!“). Then short Anzicken of the hosts. Then tense Silence. Then you have to whistle for hours, the same individuals changing sights or sunsets in, to grab to impale at the end totally finished yet, still in the Cheese. In short: this type of double Dating embodies all of what the sensible Single man is afraid, he thinks of the lame, long-term relationships.