“Our government is on task!”, recalled Elisabeth Borne, at the end of the government seminar organized after the last Council of Ministers. This, let us remember, was held this Wednesday, August 31, 2022. On this occasion, the Prime Minister wanted to come back to some of the new orientations of the government team. Which, informs Le Parisien on its site, has identified 60 priorities on which to work. This list, which is intended to be accompanied by “targeted objectives” according to the former Minister of Labor, is organized into four main parts. Four “battles to fight”, according to our colleagues.

This new fight that the executive intends to wage will have to be won taking into account a credo that the President of the Republic, like the various figures of his successive governments, have constantly repeated: “Neither increase in debt, nor increase taxes”. A mantra that could be difficult to apply, but which has something – in theory, at least – taxpayers…

In detail, continues the Ile-de-France daily, the four fights identified by the government bring together many social themes. These are the following projects:

“On the international or environmental level, some of the risks sensed for several years now belong to the daily life of the French”, also wanted to remind the Prime Minister, who continues, about a potential shortage of gas and independence of the nation: “The defense of our values ​​has a price”. “To make this observation is not to play with fears, it is to play with transparency. It is to propose solutions and to assume to put them in debate”, she ends