In the care case, the statutory insurance covers only part of the cost. The Rest have to raise the Patient and, where appropriate, his family. You are not able to jump in the social services.

Andreas Mihm

economic correspondent in Berlin.

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Philipp Krohn

editor in the economy.

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all the politicians of the Union want to change that. The health of a politician, Emmi Zeulner (CSU) wants to limit the private contributions to the care of patients, and the limited subsidy of the insurance increase. Your model for the cost ceiling represents the present System on its head. Your proposal is part of a package of proposals of the “young group” of the Union members, announced Zeulner “reversal of the Base and top”.

The change of system was necessary, to the risk of poverty “need for care” and the care-related to prevent social dependency, she said the F. A. Z. “It can’t be that more and more people in need of care in a care-related social dependence on slides. That’s why we need a reorientation of nursing care insurance.“

Who are not> yet for care patients

Because of the aging of society, the costs are on the rise. For the financing of tax payments to the public, higher contributions of employees and companies, or individual Pension of the citizens. Who can not bear the cost of maintenance and any claims arising from care insurance, you must draw, according to law, on his property. If this offset is, jumps in the Department of social services.

the children of the needy more than 1800 Euro, or as a family-3240 euros net income (to the necessary expenditures such as pensions and work-related costs, adjusted), they must raise one-half of the excess income for the care of their parents.

conversion even in outpatient care

real estate with a reasonable size of assets to fall under a. According to the düsseldorf higher regional court, a provision was also for renovation of 167,000 Euro. In the retirement of 5 percent of the annual gross income per job protected year.