Recycling in the trade – How good is the Recycling plans of the Migros really wants to exploit are the retailer of plastic consistently again. What is the cost of the customer and as the industry leader in the competitive comparison stands.Maren Meyer3 Kommentare3Ab the end of June, in the new collection bag for the Migros plastic bags, foil or plastic packaging for yoghurt or Shampoo.Photo: Migros

A second life for the yogurt cups. This is the objective of the Migros. The retailer introduces a private plastic collection sack. Filled it should be with any plastic packaging and bottles. The bag the customer buys in the store, fill it at home and bring it back again in the store. The plastic is recycled to land as a packing in a Migros store.

What are the Migros in attack, makes the company to Mr. Green for the past ten years: plastic packaging such as PET beverage or milk bottles, the plastic slide of the cucumber, but also batteries and other waste products to be recycled. A Comparison.

What is recycled?

so Far, the Migros takes, as well as other food retailers, PET beverage bottles and plastic back bottles of any kind in the collection points in their stores. Now you want to expand your offer. New the retailer also cares about the Material of plastic such as, for example, cheese or meat packaging, or Fruchbehälter be recycled. This may also come from the racks of other food retailers such as Coop or Aldi. Only exception: PET beverage bottles are not allowed in the bag, you continue to be recycled separately again. The procedure proved to be, is it at Migros.

The company is Mr. Green goes a step further. In addition to plastic products such as electrical materials, steel sheet, toner modules, or the cork be put cones back and recycled.

What is the cost us?

Free the collection bags are, neither Mr. Green nor at the supermarket. The concepts, however, differ in one crucial point: the customers solve the case of Mr. Green, a subscription of more than three months, in the case of Migros, the customer buys the bags in the ten-pack in the store. In both cases, the customer fills it with its waste itself. But instead of the kidneys, as in the case of Migros, made by hand to be returned, picks up Mr. Green, the bags in front of the door. What could explain the difference in the price Depending on the subscription, 10 collection bags of 35 litres
in the case of Mr. Green between the ages of 18 and 35 francs – pick-up included cost. The Migros bags come in three different sizes from 17 to 60 litres. For 10 bags, customers pay between 9 and 25 francs.

How and where is collected?

The Migros sells the bags in their stores. 29. June, the Migros cooperative Lucerne makes the beginning, then gradually follow the other nine cooperatives. 40 locations for the collection it will be in Luzern for the beginning, they wanted to see how the project would be adopted, says cooperative head Guido grid. At the end of August, the cooperatives, Geneva, neuchâtel-Fribourg, Valais and Vaud, and then start. Until the beginning of 2021, all of the regional Migros will be offering-cooperatives in Switzerland, the new plastic collection points.

In the case of Mr. Green delivered the bags into the milk compartment, and refilled again and again, as soon as you are exhausted. In Switzerland, the company is in the towns and cities of Bern, Basel, Zurich and Winterthur is active. At around 10’000 places Mr. Green picks up the bags currently. To count the customers in addition to private households, companies keep. The collection points are located in the vicinity of the collection point. In Basel-Land this is, for example, in Liestal.

What happens to it?

At Migros as in the case of Mr. Green to be sorted the collected plastic and other waste products through the company Innorecycling and Innoplastics and recycled. Not everything is recyclable, Only two-thirds will be recycled. However, before it is so far, must be pre-sorted waste. In the case of Mr. Green this work is carried out, among other things, the long-term unemployed out of Hand. A major difference between the competitors: After the plastic packaging are recycled, the pellets prepared therefrom, which are to be in the Migros industry, new packaging for Migros ‘ products.

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