Since the beginning of January, the new packaging law. It should help that more packaging will be collected and recycled, and that valuable resources are not processed to packaging. Because Germany is a waste, with about 220 kilograms per head and year, European leader in fit of packing. But what exactly is in the new law?

Higher Recycling and reuse rates

The law requires that significantly more is being recycled or re-used: In the case of glass, the ratio increases from the current 75 to 80 percent and starting in 2022 and then to 90 percent, in the case of paper and cardboard from 70 to 90 percent, as in the case of ferrous metals. In the coming year, 75 percent of the beverage carton packaging should be recycled instead of just 60 percent, 2022 it should be 80 percent. The challenging targets for plastics: The recycling rate increases from 36 to first of 58.5 and then to 63 percent.

The operators of dual systems are also required to recycle half of the contents of the of them collected in yellow bags or tons.

Higher multi-rate

70 percent of all beverages are to be sold starting in 2019, reusable packaging. Supermarkets must, therefore, specify on the drinks shelf, whether it is disposable or reusable bottles, so that the consumer can detect this easier.

The pawn is mandatory since the beginning of January for fruit and vegetable nectars, carbonated and beverages with a share of milk products by over 50 percent.

a Sack or a ton

The local authorities may prescribe, whether the packaging waste is collected in bags or tons. The Association of Municipal companies (VKU), it is clear for the ton of: bags can tear, and the waste is then spread on the road. In addition, the production of the bags was associated with a high consumption of resources.

recycling bins

In a number of municipalities to be able to throw the consumer, and it is now worth materials plastic and metal packaging waste –for example, clothes hangers or the old frying pan. This sensible regulation was supposed to come nationwide, but failed. Now, further, each municipality should decide whether it introduces the collection of recyclable materials.