The lack of police and continues to. Flemish recruitment and selection service features are collectively called in sick out of fear that the reforms will lead to a sense of insecurity. That is, write The Standard.

there are Currently about 4,000 positions from the police department were not filled. For the last two years, working with police and the political difficulty of a turnaround. Tuesday was given to the recruitment and selection service, from the politietop the new process is to hear from you. The selection is now over computertesten, and human trials are to be reduced by at least a three-to-one meeting with a counselor.

you can, But it will be a security risk, fears that the recruitment and selection service. “Due to the lack of adequate selectieproeven will be even more unsuitable applicants slip through the net slip through.”

at The head of the recruitment and selection of police department, announced her departure. And for the next few days would be in the service of up to 25 people, is sick. As a result, hundreds of files are on a break.

In response, saying that the police reform is established, and that this will lead to a reduction in better recruitment. The same sound is heard in resigning binnenlandminister, Pieter De Crem (CD&V). “We are aiming to reach a consensus between all the parties involved.”

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