The Hessian universities have registered in 2018, so a lot of foreign students with a foreign school-leaving qualification like never before. With 8277 so-called educational foreigners in the first Semester of a new high had been reached, informed the Statistical office on Thursday in Wiesbaden. The total number of first-semester students in the state of Hesse remained with a total of 44.911 in comparison to the previous year virtually unchanged. The significant increase from the two years previously did not continue.

The percentage of foreign first-semester students, who have acquired their University entrance qualification abroad, are increased in comparison to 2017 by 7.6 per cent, as the country announced to velvet. The number of foreign first-semester students who have obtained their higher education entrance qualification at a German school, but declined compared to the previous year by 10.7 percent to 1919, men and women.

The highest share of educational foreigners in the first Semester Chinese (1152), Indians (512) and Syrians (480). By far the largest group among the foreign First-year students who have acquired their higher education entrance qualification, were Turks with 663, followed by Italians (133) and Croats (99). The study year 2018 includes only students enrolled in the summer semester of 2018 and in the following winter semester 2018/19.