Record-breaking weather spring 2020 was warm, very Sunny and solid to dry After the warmest Winter since measurements began, Switzerland is clearly warm spring months with rainfall deficit, and more likely to Bise. 0 comment people enjoy the beautiful weather on the Limmat river in the Zurich Niederdorf on Saturday, 30. In may 2020. Keystone/Alexandra Wey

After the warmest Winter since the start of the measurements has also shown the spring of this year in Switzerland, above average warm. In addition, the sun was shining, according to the weather service, Meteonews significantly more common than in climatic means. In many places, it was solid to dry.

Also frequent Bisenlagen dominated this year’s spring, as it is called in a message from Meteonews from Sunday. Since the cool may 2019 it will have not one month, which in comparison with the climatic means of the meadows from 1981 to 2010, a temperature deficit.

In March, the first month of meteorological spring, could become Switzerland’s recorded a temperature deviation of 0.5 to just over 1 degree. In particular, the first half of the month was warm.

In April showed the temperature curve steeply upwards, as the weather service writes. The climatic resources has been exceeded Switzerland’s widely used by 3 to 4 degrees. So it was, for example, at the gauging stations Basel-Binningen, Zurich airport and Lucerne for the third-warmest April since the beginning of the Measurement. Only of April 2007 and 2018 was, in many places even warmer. On the Chasseral BE recorded with a temperature excess of 5.5 degrees, the second warmest April since the beginning of the Measurement.

in Contrast, the may moderate. With a temperature deviation of 0 to 0.5 degrees, it was warm in the North, on average, or only slightly. In the West, and the Valais, the temperature rose to nearly 1.5 degrees and in the South with nearly 2 degrees, however, again significantly higher than the climatic means.

40 per cent more sun than usual

In all three months of meteorological spring made the sun a lot of Overtime, in particular, in April: At a number of measuring stations it was enough for the second to fourth sunniest April since the start of the measurements. With a Surplus of more than 40 per cent, but it was also in March, very Sunny, as it is called on.

After a fitful Start in March, except followed from the second of March third, usually a long dry period. So, for example, fell in Geneva between the 12. March and 25. April, not a single drop of Rain, as long as never before since the beginning of the Measurement. But also otherwise there was in this period of time, if at all, only very modest amounts of precipitation.

over the entire month of may Meteonews was seen, according to the it is clearly too dry. In many places rainfall deficit is between 25 and 45 percent. Only along the foothills of the Aims could be achieved, in the South there was even a Surplus of well over 10 percent.


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