Rebel Dominic Grieve: The man who May makes Leaving so hard


a few years ago, no one suspected that the affable, always a little formal, a lawyer, Dominic Grieve could be the “rebels”. First of Brexit, which he held from the beginning for a “serious error” that made it possible. For months, the 62-year-old Deputy tried to prevent the withdrawal from the European Union and is pushing his party boss, Prime Minister Theresa May, with subtle parliamentary Maneuvers in the Close. If the deputies will vote on Tuesday on the Brussels-agreed exit agreement, and it is likely to reject, a procedure, which is now Substantially to the Grieves of the screenplay.

Jochen Buchsteiner

Political correspondent in London.

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Europe-the London-born Grieve is in the blood, because his mother comes from a German-French marriage. Grieve, head of the “Franco-British society”, is one of the few British politicians, the Paris Radio and television Interviews in their national language. In everyday life he occupied himself rather with native Subjects. According to the study of history and of Law in Oxford, he was working as a lawyer, specializing in the British health and safety legislation. In this time he has earned a certain degree of financial independence. A few years ago his fortune was estimated at 3.5 million Euro. In the meantime, Grieve was because of his stock market activities, the talk of the town, because he of companies mitverdiente, which ruled Zimbabwe are in a dictatorial way.

After his entry into Parliament more than twenty years ago, he made a name for himself as a Right – and inner politicians. The highlight of his career, Grieve reached, as David Cameron gave him the Cabinet post of attorney General, an office he held for four years, until 2014. Just as long as he directs the sensitive intelligence Committee in the house. Most of the time used, however, Grieve on his goal, to stop the Brexit with parliamentary funds.