The thrill-a-minute, the sixth and second-to-last episode of ‘Callboys’ in FOUR, and had televisiekijkend in Flanders, on a problem of size. During the recording sessions went on, however, it is not always that serious, and mostly slips of the tongue caused quite a bit of fun. Damian De Schryver – the crazy, old kantooreigenaar – did it already have the best in order to along with Gaetan, Suzy and Daniel, the atmosphere is able to hold on to the end user.

More about that by any chance? The Manager of a nightclub and shocked by bewakingsbeelden usa in the round fly by, after the closing, Passengers getting a poncho, because it’s inside raining during the flight: “in The cockpit is under water, the famous wall of the Home to migrants from? Girl (8) climb up a replica for a little more than a minute, the Flemish film on a jeep safari, which is exceptionally large herd of buffalo, until all of a sudden the lions are popping up