The real estate sector is expected to be in the future, fewer families in their own home will have. According to a survey by ING Belgium, with 253 real estate professionals. Today, 72 per cent of the families have a home of their own. The real estate professionals expect that over the next ten years will fall to 65 percent of the time.

The reason is mainly to be sought in the sustainability of the residential construction sector in the near future. This includes the cost of land and costs related to the environmental standards. However, a change in consumer preference (47 per cent) are cited as the reason for the decline in the eigendomscijfers over the next few years. Especially in young people, according to the experts, priorities, and preferences, all it shows is a survey of consumers in accordance with the ING the same results.

The majority of the surveyed real estate professionals believe, moreover, that the decrease of the surface area of the housing, it will continue to rise. Smaller living can be, in principle, with the press of a sustainability reduction. As a part of the consumers, it appears, according to the ING to do so, be prepared, to the extent that it allows them to be less than 10 minutes from schools, shopping and services, and to live in it.

The results of the survey is to show up at the end of the sector is to be convinced of the betonstop” in the new Flemish government coalition agreement in the name of “bouwshift got.

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