WLTP test procedures – real consumption of the factory and the approaching information anTests of the Touring club Switzerland (TCS) show that the introduction of the new test procedure WLTP effect as desired. lab6 Kommentare6Die in the laboratory achieved the standard consumption values and the everyday achieved consumption.Photo: PD

The majority of drivers are familiar with this: The daily average consumption is well above the prospectus value disclosed. This has changed in the meantime, however, as a Test of the TCS shows: the real consumption in the test series between 2014 and 2017, to 1.6 to 1.8 liters per 100 kilometers higher than the factory specifications, the difference today is 0.3 liters. This is due to the changed method of measurement: Since the beginning of the year, the fuel consumption of new cars must be identified with the new test procedure WLTP (Worldwide Light-Duty Test Procedure). This will be carried out as the introduced in 1996 and is now outdated NEDC (New European driving cycle) also in the laboratory on a chassis dynamometer, however, thanks to a more realistic driving profile, the values differ compared to the consumption in everyday life is no longer so strong.

The WLTP measurements have an approximately twice as long measurement range, a much more dynamic way of driving, a longer measurement duration and higher average and maximum speeds. This is, to TCS in about the reality on our streets and for the work of a higher fuel or power consumption than the NEDC measurement method. In addition, the influence of the aerodynamics and possible additional equipment on fuel consumption is taken into account more. The vehicle may also be optimized for the Test, for example, by narrower tyres, or lack of equipment, how it was allowed in the NEDC procedure. In order for the desired effect: The TCS-Tests show that the specifications of align according to the WLTP significantly to the actual consumption on the road. With a very environmentally conscious way of driving the work indicated that, in the meantime, in the reality accessible, writes of the Touring Club. (lab)

The TCS-test consumption (blue curve) have values, the reported standard (red curve) is clearly approximated.Graphics: TCS0 comment please Login to comment