“Outrageous, irreverent, polemical”: The Bayern leadership to Uli Hoeness, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Hasan Salihamidzic took on Friday on a much-publicized press conference, the all round impact. The Trio attacked in the media directly, spoke of the consequences and also commented on various people from the football industry.

excerpts from the Bayern PK here you see in the Video:


Many media have echoed the accusations from Munich, and the statements of the press conference in comments. With Sonja Schwetje, chief editor, n-tv, said the representative of a directly-attacked the medium to the accusations of Hoeness, Rummenigge and Salihamidzic.

media coverage:

media-reactions-an Overview “Mr Hoeness, you are welcome to discuss with us on part 1 & 5 GG. Also about the difference between journalism and PR. Our viewers can continue to rely on critical and fair reporting for n-tv.”

Sonja Schwetje, chief editor, n-tv

“Highlight: Hoeness and Rummenigge are demanding respect for their players, before nailing Juan Bernat publicly on the wall. Is only logical.”

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“, FC Bayern is a great club with a great and meritorious officials, but this Friday, the Dignity of this club in any case modifiable.”


“club, such As journalists, about the football, the games and the managers of the Association report, we are not of the Executive of the Association prescribe. I know of no law is known, obliges us to bow and Scrape in front of the FC Bayern Munich.”

Frank Anywhere, Federal Chairman of the German journalists Association

“The sovereign record master is to become vulnerable and thin-skinned.”


“Yes, victory types can also be Seelchen.”


“This staged outburst of FC Bayern – this PK is a poverty certificate.”


„The Bayern bosses have with your media, a clear limit would be exceeded. This attack on the free reporting is wrong and completely unnecessary.“

BR online

the only media not responded Yet. Olaf Thon, who had previously criticized the Bayern Central defenders Mats Hummels and Jerome Boateng and the Bayern boss has also been addressed, replied to the swipes against him and his club Schalke 04. Other former and Active, who know the Association well, and gave their assessments of the reasons behind the press conference.

Here are some reactions of athletes:

reactions from the football “This press conference shows that those responsible are satisfied. You want to distract. They criticize their players internally is very hard. This was a sign that you are standing behind the team, an appeal to the internal cohesion. The Mia-san-Mia should internally be re-lived. The first step came from the bosses, and the second must now be followed by the players.”

Lothar Matthäus, TV pundit and former Bayern player

“That was not under the belt line. That was just very sedate, what has been played. You may say, then, quite times and also rate. Want to rumreißen with all the Power of the rudder – all together in the club. Want to back to the top. By all means. It is also understandable, that you speak so.”

Olaf Thon, a representative of FC Schalke 04 and former Bayern player

“To be perceived, that it was over the line of what is Acceptable. It was, as they say, classically, a strike or a lock. Journalism makes a lot of things right, also in the critical evaluation. You must not represent one side as good and one as evil.”

Matthias Sammer, TV-expert and former sports Board of FC Bayern München AG