now, Genk to feel the sight of cheated. And the People went in 1-0 down at the field from the Standard, but the claim is that the ball will be in action in advance of the outdoors. Hard to see in the pictures, found the VAR. The goal was to validate, to anger, think, and coach Felice Mazzu. Who was later to talk to the press and thundered was not happy with them. At his words, he suddenly grabbed his phone to take a screen shot to show this particular stage, in which the leather is on the line, it seems to be. “I just don’t get it.” Also at the press conference afterwards, took a Mazzu his cell phone at the top.

the Standard End-1 – 0 KRC Genk in the Report, Lineups-risk (VAR), was on both sides of a scapegoat. Genk looked to a run of Samatta is rejected because of a previous error in the Standard, however, they found that the Dewaest first time, the red earned, and then a kick and caused it to be. Came after a strange tweet of a Standard chair, Bruno Venanzi. “The Standard is greater than the value at risk.”

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But the most talked-about stage, is undoubtedly an action that led to the goal. The ball seems to be out to Genk, they are going to be a while at it. The ref and his lijnrechter judge, however, is that the leather on the inside has remained the same. The Standard plays, and then it explodes Bastien is the one and only goal of the party. The value was not in between them, so Genk will get angry with them.

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“We have deserved not to lose, for the rest, we had the opportunity to score a goal. After the break, it was less so. The Standard, however, had no opportunity, till the edge of the box. My players have stopped playing because the ball was out,” said a determined Mazzu in front of the camera to Play Sports . “We’ll have a video and a picture. I just don’t get it, I just don’t understand why the VAR is not activated.” When the journalist, as a side note, there is a measure of Mazzu’s full. “We will be working together for the picture to look at? We will be working together for the picture to look at? I will try to show you. Well, I’m going to show them, because you do not have to be fully informed. You see, that is the image of the ball to the outside, allowing my players to stop it. With all of the tech tools of today, I can’t not see it.”

Mazzu, was at the press conference, is clearly not uitgeraasd, because, again, he pulled out his cell phone and the conscious in the picture above.

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