They’ve been lying around in your drawers for years but you don’t know what to do with them: old francs. If you have not been able to exchange them for euros for several years, you can always resell them to passionate coin collectors. Some coins, seemingly mundane, are actually invaluable to numismatists.

The price of these crowns varies according to several criteria, namely: their face value, their year of minting, their manufacturing defects, their metal or their condition. In our slideshow below, discover the main one-franc coins that are worth the most according to the specialized site Info Collection.

Once you have spotted the valuable pieces in your business, all you have to do is sell them… But not just anyhow! If you are not familiar with the world of money, and you have no idea of ​​the value of your object… Choose auction sites. “It’s unstoppable: if your object is valuable, buyers will pay the right price. If it has no interest, it will not sell…”, explains Info Collection. If there is a charge for this service, usually 5-15%, this is the safest way to sell your coin for fair value.

If, on the contrary, you know the value of your coins, opt for free classifieds sites. There is Info Collection, but also Le Bon Coin, Paru Sold, Rakuten, Price Minister… To sell well, be very precise in the description of your pieces, mentioning all the specifics of the piece and its photos. Be open to negotiations and beware of scams. It’s your turn !