A digital clock with seconds indicator runs mercilessly backward. Exactly twenty minutes the Berlin Rapper Dazzle and his DJ, then you need to clear the stage. Dazzles schnellzü ngige considerations over the earthly existence with subtle phrases such as “life is short and soon we are dead” at the sold out Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt, however, is a bit out of place. Feel Young and Old in the room but just the pure lust for Life.

Just a few minutes later, Alligatoah understands at the start of its “home Tour in 2019,” the celebration of the crowd drive a lot to channel better, as it stretches from the flowering of a large stage curtain painted sunflower head and vehemently raps: “I’m not in the mood to lose my money. (No!)“, it is in his piece “Raubkopierah”. Then the curtain falls, the views of an opulent Hotel setting with a built-in revolving stage. “Welcome to the Hotel Kalliforniah”, welcomes Alligatoah-tempered the audience. Moment, in the “Hotel California” is not the Eagles? No, in the Hotel Kalliforniah with a “K” at the beginning and “h” at the end of the in a yellow dress coat velvet matching circular saw (straw hat) – clad Mr live Alligatoah, which in Yellow-clad second voice Liftboy Basti and on two floors, four musicians, dressed in yellow robes.

All around the world music

“But a room, the Honeymoon Suite would be free,” explains the eloquent master of ceremonies, working as composer, lyricist, musician and producer in the Studio, all in personal Union, jovial between Songs. The instruments are electric guitar, drums, Keyboards, clarinet and, on occasion, block flute, and you can imagine that it is not on the digital preserve, but most authentic music. But especially the Songs of Luke Strobel, the civil Name of Alligatoah, everything other than after all over the world music sound. Because someone gives themselves a lot of effort, stylistically diverse, from Pop to Hip-Hop, from Reggae to Punk, and Funk to Metal tunes with rich melodies.

in his texts is the loose slightly by around two dozen songs moderating Alligatoah burn anything. Something stronger Tobak offers the Swingers piece of “Free love”, where it is full of provocative lines such as “I like it when you smell from the mouth to the stranger’s sperm”. “Opinion-free”, in turn, does not distinguish cunning between the left – and-right rock, but goes with the indecisive line, “I can understand both sides,” the Golden mean. In “Where you can buy the” analyses of the, occasionally, even to the yellow E-guitar, gripping the end of band-in-chief meeting the advertising obsession with obligation to buy.

Expandable art figure

Not a few of the Songs in the current Repertoire comes from the in September 2018 published number-one-Album “sleeping pills, red wine V”. The consequences of I – IV of the series from 2006 to 2011, came out as a Mixtape, is dedicated to Alligatoah the fifth edition of a whole Album. In each of the Tracks of the 29-year-old musician slips into a different role. Ironically, he rhymes about social stereotypes, and there are also times gently, at times dramatically pointed politically. Very accomplished actor that he is, has created Strobel with Alligatoah, a on all sides expandable art figure of a high entertainment value.

“I Need A Face,” he explains his staged theatrics: “For those who have now joined, I Make more faces than a Cartoon. A face for the Oxford study. One for the Eastern block whore. One for your well-intentioned cooking experiments.“ Remains for him only to hope that the arrogant Mr tangled Alligatoah in his role uncomfortable as this happened just as David Bowie with Ziggy Stardust.