After the roller-coaster ride to start the new Year in the hope of investors of a recovery in the stock markets. “The markets are currently caught in a certain amount of fear, but investors should not be too pessimistic,” says equity strategist Tobias Basse by NordLB. In view of the losses in the Dax in the last few weeks of last year, a relatively large potential for a recovery rally.

The year 2018, ended the German benchmark index with a decline of 18.3 percent. It was the first loss since 2011, and in addition, the biggest discount since the global financial crisis ten years ago. In the first three trading days of the new year, the Dax showed a mountain – and downhill ride, but barely. On Friday afternoon he was listed at just under 10.800 points on a weekly basis in the Plus.

On Wall Street, showed week-over-week for the Dow Jones, the standard values is a Plus of 1.6 percent, the broader S&P 500, a surcharge of 1.9 percent and the Index of technology exchange Nasdaq, a gain of 2.3 percent.

Important December data

a Possible tailwind to the stock exchanges could get out of the beginning of the new week of upcoming trade talks between America and China. A Delegation from Washington is expected on Monday and Tuesday to “positive and constructive discussions” in Beijing, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced. “We don’t expect a breakthrough, but the potential for positive Surprises,” says Edward Park, Deputy investment chief at the trading house of Brooks Macdonald.

would, However, investors in the new week of the missed sales targets nibble of Apple, says Analyst Konstantin of Oldenburg from the Online Broker CMC Markets. In view of the weak business in China, the iPhone maker was the most prominent victim of the customs dispute with the United States. “It remains to be seen how this conflict developed. There are here fixed in a timely manner, this could be the longed-for light at the end of the tunnel for Apple’s share of the world economy and the German stock index.“

in view of the increasingly growing economic fears of the investors in the December data, the American service provider back to the evaluation of Analyst Basse in the focus. These are expected for Monday. The industry in the United States, lost in December, an unexpectedly strong momentum. In addition, also for the week, a prelude to the upcoming orders for durable goods insight into the American economy. On Tuesday, the trade balance.

Hot expected interest rate protocols

this side of the Atlantic, the German orders, as well as the German and European retail sales are on Monday on the schedule. In addition, the European business climate index on Tuesday.

With voltage stockbrokers look on Wednesday in addition to the publication of the protocols of the American Central Bank, the Fed. From the transcripts of the most recent monetary policy discussions, they expect increases conclusions to be drawn about the timing and pace of the signaled interest rate. The monetary authorities of America raised the interest rates to 2018 is four times the current margin of 2.25 percent to 2.5 percent. For the current year, they signaled to two more increases.