Storms and rain are natural events that influence the behavior of living beings. Humans, animals, insects… All adapt to weather conditions. People who own pets have usually been able to notice this. The first factor that can be noticed in our four-legged friends is the stress caused by a storm.

Cats and dogs can indeed perceive the signs of such a meteorological event before us. Their instinct pushes them to take refuge in sheltered and cramped places such as under a bed, in a small room or in a bathtub.

But beyond that, the electricity and moisture residing in the air also influence animal behavior in quite another way.

Sharks, for example, have the ability to dive deeper in the days leading up to a cyclone. This is a result of the level of electricity being conducted in the water at the time, explains La Chaîne Météo.

Similarly, some birds like swallows tend to fly lower in stormy weather because that is also what insects do and the feathered animal takes advantage of this to feed.

Other animals adopt an interesting behavior when approaching a meteorological event, poultry. Indeed, the rooster sometimes produces an alarm signal when a storm approaches to let the hens know that it is time to return to the henhouse.

But some invasive insects tend to point the tip of their noses when a heavy rain or thunderstorm is felt. They can be annoying, but fortunately there are ways to get rid of them.