Radar: this unlikely situation that can happen to you


There are more and more speed cameras on our roads. Having a heavy foot on the accelerator can happen to any driver. Many people are thus flashed every day and fines are commonplace in France. While most of them are justified, in some cases the reason for the fine may be incomprehensible to motorists.

This is what happened recently to the owner of an Alpine. Flashed on March 12 at 79 km / h instead of 70, he received a ticket by mail. However, the man does not understand how this could have happened.

Indeed, as shown in the photo, the driver was not even behind the wheel of his car which was also in the opposite direction of traffic, reports La Voix du Nord. We notice that the car was in the back of a truck. Which means that it was actually the truck that exceeded the speed limit and not the car.

Fortunately, for this type of case, it is possible to contest a fine. Above all, it is advisable to request the photograph in the first place to be able to verify, for yourself, the basis of the ticket.

As explained on security-routière.gouv, “if you were not the driver of the offending car and you feel you do not have to pay your fine, you can challenge your ticket.”

This dispute can be made online or by post and must be sent within 45 days of receipt of the ticket. A properly completed waiver request form must be submitted with the notice of violation.