as for The Pro League on Tuesday decided that a first division soccer team KRC Genk, a compensation of 25,000 euros must be paid to STVV for the damage that Genk’s supporters in last season’s berokkenden on the artificial turf at Stayen. This is also confirmed in There.

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In a statement on the riots last weekend in the Limburg derby, we still need to wait for that. The Pro League is launched with the in-house procedure, so there are two teams, along with a fee of 50.000 euro to the top of the head. In addition, it may or may not be next week, in the disciplinary proceedings by the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) was initiated. With a final abandoned race may be subject to the sanction of a match behind closed doors. Also the points deduction is a possibility.

In the meantime, be decided by the Pro League on Tuesday, that a first division soccer team KRC Genk, and the damage to the fans, last season’s unjust, on the field of STVV will need to pay for it. When the cast of Genk fans of times, and further Stayen, and that caused the burn marks. It was the visiting supporters, this past weekend, behind the plexi glass put in.

Roland Duchâtelet, owner of the company van Stayen, then demanded that Genk will have a completely new lawn, it would cover up to the value of € 200,000. Genk have expressed their willingness to compensation of 12,500 to pay for it, but the Pro League will be mandatory for the champion to get a compensation of € 25,000, over to the bridge. Genk did not preclude this.

Genk, a fine of 4,000 euros for the rookpot Charleroi

the board of The Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) has still not been returned, a fine of 4,000 euros to be imposed on first division soccer team KRC Genk, as, Limburg supporters during the competitieduel in Charleroi, rookpot were chipped.

A rookpot in the 61st minute of the bezoekersvak of the Stade du Pays has no impact on the development of the race. This was a first division soccer team KRC Genk and subject to prosecution. “Any type of pyrotechnic material, although then, too, the stadiums are kept in. Now, we have a demand for it. The Pro-League, as the belgian football association have a zero tolerance,” said Chris Van den Bossche, on behalf of the Bondsparket, that is, a penalty of 2,500 euro is required.

The People somden the measures they are taking to the pyrotechnic material in the stadiums, to eliminate it, but put the difficulties to the problems of Hubert, saint-antoine, sitting member of this committee. “It is not a miracle solution. All of our efforts are not a guarantee that the pyrotechnic material is fully eliminated, may be used. At home, we have it under control, thanks to the efforts made in video surveillance, however, the problem is shifted to the uitmatchen.”

as for The disputes committee to “encourage the various initiatives,” but also stated that Genk last season and has several times on the mat, it is called due to misconduct on the part of fans. Even though the People spoke out in favour of a reduction of the enhanced penalty of 2,500 euros, she put saint-antoine is a harsher penalty. The champion must be due to the recidivism rate of 4.000 euros to pay.

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