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A medium fire is in training with the police and lodged a complaint of racism after he, in his helmet and racial slurs found. Reports that Tuesday the COMPANY.

The man Maghrebijnse origin, was found last Friday a racist insults in his face, and a drawing of a penis and a swastika on his material. “The management of this incident, which by the way is illegal, right not at all convicted, and an investigation with a view to disciplinary proceedings,” says brandweerwoordvoerder Walter Derieuw.

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on the night of Monday to Tuesday, there was a second incident, in the safe deposit box of a man was excavated, in order to make the slices of ham and a can of beer, too. Then were the victims, and the Department for Fire protection and Emergency Medical care in the Brussels-Capital Region submitted a complaint with the police.

D nmiddellijk dismissal for the perpetrator

In an internal memorandum following the initial incident, and said that the board of directors “that it is unacceptable and is a criminal action and not at all judgemental”. She added that it was the subject of a disciplinary procedure. Also in Brussels, secretary of state Pascal Smet, had to know that he is “a thorough investigation has to be asked”. “We will have to wait for the report, and, if necessary, further steps have to be taken into account.”

DBDMH spokesman Walter Derieuw, the facts are to the COMPANY. “If it turns out that the two deeds, by one and the same person, it is immediate dismissal, no matter what the court decides,” he said. “This is in contradiction with all the values of our fire department. We have to stand up for human dignity in all of our korpsleden as the people we help.”
More about the Fire service Investigation into the racism at the Brussels fire department: insults, on a helmet, a beer, and a ham in the cupboard and a Large lack of smoke, that’s going to be required include the following: “you can hardly find a Man, arrested for willful fire-raising fire Alarms will soon be mandatory in every home, but what should you look for when buying one and also check-ups?