The Saxon Ministry of culture has rejected allegations of the use of racist training materials to the Saxon schools. A school has a 20-year-old book had been used, which corresponds to the new curriculum, said a Ministry spokesperson on Tuesday on request. “At 1400 schools, 20,000 classes, and much more textbooks, it is an unfortunate case.”

The Greens had criticised in a Small request, that in the biology classes at a high school in the Kreis of Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge, the “racial theory of man,” was the topic and education required. By his own admission the Greens had received notes from parents.

In the controversial teaching material for the 10. Class is about groups of “negriden, Mongoloid and European Race”, it said. Various media had reported on the case. According to the Ministry, it is in the book to the special issue on “nature, science, biology, chemistry, physics – and- colors” from the year 1998. The principals have removed the old teaching materials in the meantime.