Lucas Barron screwed hard on his vehicle, his father Jacques watches him, beaming with joy. Lucas is a dream come true in this year. In many special stories dominated the starting field of the Dakar rally, the 25-stands out-Year-old again. Barron is the first Dakar participants with Down syndrome.

sports played for Barron despite his disability, has always been an important role. Whether Swimming, football, Cycling, Surfing or water skiing – the Peruvians tried in various disciplines. “People with Down syndrome can develop different skills. Lucas can make any Sport,“ said daddy Jacques to the AFP news Agency.

Lucas‘ personal Highlight, but now the world-famous desert rally, which for the first time-exclusively by Barron’s home country. “The race is brilliant for me. It is easy, because we know the Route,“ he said.

Even is not sitting Barron, but on the tax. He acts as a co-driver for his father, who has already participated five times in the Dakar. One and a half years, the Duo has coached together. Together, they drove in the last of September, the Desafio Inca Race, an important preparation race for the Dakar. In the overall standings, the father-son Team landed on the seventh rank.

“Lucas’ eyes are the eyes of the car, to prevent that we collide with other objects,” said Jacques Barron. Problems with the organiser, ASO not have given it to in the nomination of his son. Like all the other drivers, Lucas had to pass the medical Tests and the necessary documents to submit. Also his son have the license to be allowed to participate in the rally, explained Barron.

In the Dakar rally for the Barrons with a four-wheel drive Buggy at the Start. Lucas navigates his father, and has the technology of the cars in the view. “I’ll help him to pay attention to the engine, the road and the tyres,” he said. By a genomic mutation-induced disability is to feel nothing.