Quinten Hermans (Telenet-Baloise Lions) it was a Saturday and the most powerful in the There are a Cross in Beringen. It was the first win of the season for the Person who already has a grasp podium finishes to his name here. So, it was Herman’s second in the grand prix is Peeling, and the Superprestigecrossen of the water and the Tree. In the Polderscross in Kruibeke, he was the third.

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“I’m really very, very exciting. This win feels really special”, says Quinten Hermans. “Win a front of your home crowd is a little weird. I have been for most of my career has struggled against the valves, as Mathieu van der Poel. I know that I have to be very strong, it would have to be, I wanted to be here to win. And today, that was really the case. I have here a really long time and it is hard for them to work, but the satisfaction is so great.”

“At the beginning of the cross country I had planned to up the pace as to what to press to ensure that not to get in trouble. However, Thomas Pidcock oven right away. Then you’ll know that you need to have, you’ll want to have a chance at the title. In addition, I learned that the Show During this bad luck did not know. And then it was my time. I have touched only on the head. I will work more on my final lap. Therein, the bag is to me a bit like it, but today was thankfully not the case at all.”

in Those of Herman’s need to be tomorrow/Sunday in Gavere is full of success to his position as a leader in the Superprestigestand to defend it. “It’s wait and see what I get from this cross will be recovered. Of course, I want my leader to defend them, but this is cyclocross think there’s very much into it. We have to see how the legs are tomorrow, will be happy”, concluded Herman.

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A second podium of the season was on Saturday for the Show for one more Year. The Belgian champion had the bad luck in the first round of the There are Cross-Beringen), then it is a piece of barbed wire in his wheel in the background. One more year had to be the materiaalpost, and served for a time to be together. He didn’t have the proper answer in the house on the slag heap is full of pebbles and stones, when, to his team-mate Quinten Hermans of the speed of teenagers. During this eventually a second one.

“I don’t know what happened to my rear wheel. I didn’t think of anything in particular, but suddenly I heard anything rattling in my versnellingsapparaat. I think I got some of the spokes had broken. Apparently, there is a lot of barbed wire on the obstacle course floor. That was the reason why my rear wheel, and as it was in the first round of my cross-soap”, sakkerde for one more Year.

From now on, the Belgian champion to start chasing. “I was already deep into my krachtenarsenaal are going to be out in the first round to the top with a barbed-wire fence at the wheel. The bolde, in fact, no sides. I went to the materiaalpost in it, but what can I say that I am very, very far back it was. It was also, in some places, impossible to move, so that the head of the race, steadily, further and further away from me, reed. I still have to go to the second program. It opened in Beringen) is a very tricky, it looks a lot like a mountain bike race. And tomorrow, we will be in Gavere is still a tough game,” said Aerts.