The quantum computer is considered to be the “next big thing” in the computer industry. Because of the computing machine to exploit the laws of quantum physics efficiently, it should be – the hope is clearly more powerful than their classical counterparts. The quantum computer was even ten years ago, of purely academic interest, tinkering today, nearly all major computer manufacturers and Internet companies to their own wonder boxes, Google, Intel, Microsoft, and IBM. However, there is as yet no prototype had left the laboratory stage. This is likely to change soon. IBM has presented at the CES electronics exhibition in 2019 in Las Vegas now its latest achievement: the first integrated quantum computer in the world, which is mainly intended for commercial customers and their applications.

Manfred Lindinger

editor in the Department “nature and science”.

F. A. Z.

The American computer company has made the first step of his announcement, namely, in two years, a commercial quantum computer on the market. The first quantum computer by IBM was still a tangle of cables and wires, so you can see the “IBM Q system One”, as IBM announced its new machine in Las Vegas in a sleek, hermetically-sealed 2.5 times 2.5 meters large glass box. All of the components of the actual quantum computer are housed neatly in a cylinder Inside the Box. The accessories, the power of the quantum computer to the operator – controlled computing machine, such as a keyboard, cables, power sources, interfaces, data storage, and the cooling system are not stowed visible behind the Box.

The performance has improved, according to IBM is clear. The previous models calculated with five and 16 quantum bits, IBM Q system, One should “work” with 20 of these quantum-mechanical information units. 20 Qubits were long regarded as an indicator for a functioning quantum computer. Of 50 Qubits in a quantum computer will be superior to even any classic supercomputers. IBM is targeting this emerging already. Google has skipped according to the information provided already and to even build on a 76-Qubit processor.

Fragile quantum bits under full control

The Superiority of the quantum computer over its classical counterpart is due to the fact that he can handle apart from the normal Bits or any number of quantum mechanical superposition States of zero and one – simultaneously. Complex mathematical tasks the quantum computer can be solved quickly in parallel.

The quantum bits (in short: Qubits) can be realized with the help of atoms, ions, or electrons and their Spins or the polarization States of photons. As a particularly promising candidates rich apply to electrical circuits, which are integrated in a superconducting micro-chips, like IBM and other large computer companies will be favored. The quantum processors need to be with liquid Helium cooled. You have the advantage that you can customize with the established methods of semiconductor technology.

However, the researchers of IBM have to make sure that the quantum bits to remain stable and their conditions are not suddenly and uncontrollably change. The result would be a serious error in the calculations. The greatest danger from residual heat, vibration, or stray electric fields. Evidently, IBM has to get all of the sources of interference in the handle. Because it had managed to keep the 20 quantum bits, 75 micro-seconds in an undisturbed coherent state. According to IBM, a record in the field of universal quantum computing. The commercial use of the system would be finally possible.