More Infected than Italy – Putin, the measures relaxes in the middle of the crisis, The Corona-Figures in Russia are increasing dramatically: The country has more than 232’000 counts Infected. Only the USA have more. Silke Bigalke from Moskau22 Kommentare22In Moscow, the restrictions remain for the time being: A woman rides the Metro, gloves and mask are a must. Photo: Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP

It roars and rattles louder again in Moscow, on the job sites working since Tuesday. Large industrial establishments are allowed to work again, a half a Million people return to their Jobs. However, most of Moscow’s concerns, the first easing in seven weeks. You need to stay at least until the end of may in self-isolation.

so it is No wonder that the televised speech of the President confused a lot of viewers. On Monday, Vladimir Putin had declared the work-free time for stops. Ironically, it is now something else, and that No country except the US has more cases of infection than Russia. The number of new infections is for ten days in a row at about 10’000.

The governors should own

Putin’s address had a speech according to a draw. “The fight against the pandemic lasts,” he said, despite easing. “The danger remains even in the areas where the situation is relatively good.” They all wanted to bring the economy back on track, to act quickly, not dangerous, to act irresponsibly, all in all, it is, how to choose “between Scylla and Charybdis”, the two sea of the Greek myth monsters.

And this choice leaves it up to Putin to the regional governments. The President permitted all companies to return to work. The governors decide on their own restrictions, if you feel it’s necessary. The economic activity in Russia decreased according to the government, since the beginning of the pandemic, around one-third. The least of Russians have Savings. Who can’t work and his wage can’t get, can’t afford to quickly rent and living. All long after the end of the work lock. For Putin now is not just.

Putin’s spokesman with Corona in the hospital

One of the speech to be heard with a particularly petrified face: the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin was switched on via Video. He had said last week that the hole is down in Moscow until the end of the month and most businesses remain closed. Many cities made the same. Even if the Numbers are stabilized, so Sobyanin after Putin’s speech, he said, remained “the risk of a further spread of the disease, unfortunately, still a long time to come”. However, significantly more people in Moscow were on Tuesday but the roads than in the last few weeks.

The capital counts for more than half of all Infected in the country and is preparing for many more. According to the authorities, 7000 workers build around the clock, 44 makeshift hospitals, with 10,000 beds, use for exhibition halls and fair grounds. The increase in the Numbers Sobyanin explained by the fact that they now test more. “The more people we test, the faster we can help you, really.” Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov is now with Covid-19 in the hospital. He met Putin last more than a month ago, he says.

Has not met with Putin for more than a month: The diseased, Dmitry Peskov. Photo: Keystone

remains puzzling why Russia has complained, with more than 232’000 Infected only 2116 cases of death, a significantly lower Rate than anywhere else in Europe. Apparently, only the be counted, who died at Covid-19. Only a few Russian regions to publish a second number of patients who tested positive, but officially to a pre-existing condition died. Recently Sobyanin said that another statistic is more important: the development of the mortality. In Moscow, 11’846 people, almost 2,000 more than in April 2019, and about 20 percent more than in April died in April average. Especially Physicians and medical staff, who often complain about too little testing, and protective clothing are at risk.

fire in two clinics

On Tuesday, a disaster made the precarious situation of the health care system in a dramatic way: In St. Petersburg, five mechanically ventilated patients died in a hospital fire. A ventilator, had apparently caught fire. Last week, a man in a fire died in a Moscow Covid clinic.

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