Difficult weeks. Back to school is financially complicated for the French, with inflation which has direct consequences for their purchasing power. Added to this is the property tax – which will have to be settled this fall – the costs linked to the start of the school year, the rise in energy prices… Some people can no longer see the end of it. The government has announced several measures in recent weeks to give French people a boost. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne made numerous announcements, then clarified by Gabriel Attal, in charge of Public Accounts.

If Emmanuel Macron warned of “the end of abundance” a few weeks ago, the government has multiplied aid since the re-election of the president. The index point for civil servants is upgraded, retirement pensions also, housing aid is increased by 3.5% and the RSA is upgraded by 4%. In addition to these various measures, there are others that directly affect your wallet, at the supermarket checkout or at the gas station. Companies, for their part, can pay the Macron bonus a second time by December 31 and RTTs can now be monetized.

The most modest French people will be entitled to many boosts in the coming months, with regard to fuel, electricity or even the start of the school year. Some of this aid has already been paid, the others will be in the coming months, at the beginning of 2023 at the latest. If the government is generous, it has made so many announcements that some are lost… Do you think you won’t get anything? Think again, at least one of these helps you. Want to know which one? Check it out in the slideshow below.