Inflation affects everyone. In May 2022, consumer prices increased by 5.2% in the space of a year, reports INSEE. Consequences: many French people feel that their purchasing power is falling and have to tighten their belts to make ends meet.

They are seven out of ten to have the “feeling of having to make significant efforts to maintain their budget in balance in order to be able to finance essential purchases, even if it means giving up certain expenses for 55% of them”, specifies a survey. produced by the Harris Institute for the Casino brand, as reported by Le Télégramme.

If 62% believe that “the hardest part is yet to come”, the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, also shares this opinion. According to him, this economic situation could last for several months to reach a “peak inflation” by “the end of 2023”.

To ensure that this inflationary situation impacts your wallet as little as possible, it is possible to adopt several tips when you go to the supermarket. Here is some example:

It’s not just at the supermarket that you have to be careful. You need to analyze all your expenses and eliminate unnecessary ones from your budget.

In the slideshow below, find 8 things you should no longer buy to save the most.