In recent years, the refurbished sector has been on the rise in France. In 2021 alone, between 3 and 3.3 million refurbished phones were sold in the territory, according to figures from the GFK firm. This represents one in five phones sold, says CNet.

There are three main reasons for this increase in demand for refurbished products:

– The price: “On average, you can get a markdown of around 20 to 30%. And in some cases, you can even achieve a reduction of 40 to 50% compared to the price of new,” says Gautier Feld, co-founder and CEO of Reepeat, an online refurbished comparator.

– Ecology: this limits waste and promotes the second-hand market.

– The guarantee of quality: “Sometimes it is a product that has been in use for 3-4 years and the owner has used all of its features but it is still in perfect working order”, indicates Gautier Feld . That’s why it’s relisted.

If laptops, tablets and phones are at the top of sales of refurbished products, there are also other second-hand objects that the French do not think of buying. Check them out in the slideshow below.

There are different sales channels for refurbished products: directly in store or on the internet. Before starting, it is advisable to adopt the right gestures to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

In stores, Gautier Feld advises you to test the product directly. On the other hand, on the internet, “a few small checks are enough. You have to check the opinions of a professional, how many sales has he already made or even read the description of the product”, recalls the co-founder of Reepeat.