now, Proximus will increase on January 1, a number of its tariffs. The packs Tuttimus, and Familus will be much more expensive.

it’s clear from the new lists, the one on the website has been published.

Just like last year, attracts, Proximus prices with the new year in. “We have a yearly mass to invest in the network of the future, for example, for fiber, and we can’t wait for 5G,” reported a spokesperson Work, composed the score and the reason for the price increase.

Among the more popular of the bundles including Internet+TV (+1 per month), or the all-in-packs Tuttimus (+1,5 eur) and a Familus (+1,5 eur) will be more expensive, as are a few of the older bundles.

Also, certain of the tariffs for fixed-line telephony to go up. If you only the internet or the mobile phone is declining, it remains out of harm’s way.

now, Proximus has said that the customers billing information will be given about the price increases which apply to them.

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