Protests in front of the White house police officers beat Trump the way to the Church freiIn Washington police officers were last night with batons and tear gas against people who had largely demonstrated peacefully. Only later the intended purpose of the action was clear.Hubert Wetzel0 comments

Washington has already experienced a lot of demonstrations, race riots, street battles, mass demonstrations. Even an Invasion In August 1814, the British redcoats captured the city and set several government buildings on fire, including the White house.

However, images such as those that the Americans got to see on Monday evening in the television from their capital, there was still never. Since Donald Trump, the President of the United States stand, in front of a row of American flags in the rose garden of the White house and delivered a speech. And outside in Lafayette Park, on the other side of the famous Pennsylvania Avenue, were mounted policemen with batons and tear gas against hundreds of people who had demonstrated largely peacefully. During Trump’s speech, was heard in the Background, the Pop of the stun grenades to.

Trump, the historic St. John’s Church, visited, in well-staged humility, a visit, a Bible in Hand and accompanied by his half Cabinet.KEYSTONE/Patrick Semansky

A few minutes later, the purpose of the action was clear: The police are free to beat the President on the way to the historic St. John’s Church, a small Church on the edge of Lafayette Park, whose religious services were attended in 1816, of all American presidents. The night before, vandals had placed in the basement of the Church fire. The flames were quickly deleted, the Church itself was not damaged. That’s why Trump is not, however, claim in his speech, to that she had been “set fire”. Now he visited her in well-staged humility, a visit, a Bible in Hand and accompanied by his half Cabinet, as well as a group of journalists who had to because of the gas vapors which might cough and choke.

The police made President of the Trump the way through Lafayette Park to St. John’s Church free.KEYSTONE/Patrick Semansky

For almost a week, the USA will be shaken now of violent protests and looting – have been killed since Memorial Day in Minneapolis, the African American George Floyd with a use of the white police officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin had pressed his lying on the ground, the victim of several minutes the knee in the back of the neck, and interrupted so the blood and oxygen supply Floyd’s brain until he died. Asphyxia, the coroner, call the. Lawyers call it a homicide. The Americans are well used, the white police officers kill Blacks, but this case was particularly troubling.

Until Monday night, Trump had seen the epidemic of angry demonstrations and riots largely sitting on the sidelines. He said on Twitter about the allegedly left-wing radical demonstrators, the anti-fascist movement, the Democrats and the media. In a telephone conference on Monday afternoon, he berated the governors of the States as weaklings who were dancing by the rioters on the nose. The governors should finally take tough action, called Trump, they should be arresting the national guard send people. But before that, self – closing back tyre – and thus also responsibility for the solution of the problem of burden-scared Trump.

The pressure on Trump was too big

On Monday night, Trump a grip then. The pressure had become too great, the criticism of his leadership weakness grew with each violent night. And trump’s poll numbers sink, he now Biden is well behind the Democrats, Joe. In this respect, Trump went with the speech, literally, on the Offensive: The riots “were not a peaceful Protest,” he said. “These are acts of domestic terror.” And the President was threatening: He was “the President of law and order,” said Trump. The governors and mayors should not stop the riots on his own, he would use the US military and “the Problem for you quickly solve”. A law from the early 19th century. Century – the “Insurrection Act” of 1807 gives the President the right to do so. He can send active army units, to help for example in cases of disasters – but also of putting down rebellions or to end the unrest.

While the President of the Federal States seem to have time wants to bring the situation under control, he has the capital of Washington out of patience. There, the White house will look besieged for days by protesters, last Friday, Trump the Secret Service was brought even for a short time in a shelter – a humiliation for the President, who is afraid of hardly anything as weak. “As I speak, I have put thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers, army personnel and police officers to stop the riots, the looting, the vandalism, the assaults, and the indiscriminate destruction of property,” said Trump.

Of all possible Ways, with the riots deal, chooses Trump the hardest. Instead of trying to calm the situation, the President on escalation and threatens the military against their own state citizens. Of these politically and legally far-reaching decision in Detail, come to be, that is, which members of the Cabinet are in favour or may be against it is not yet known. What is certain is that had pronounced on Monday, some close Confidants of the President for taking a hard line. The Republican Senator and Iraq Veteran Tom Cotton advised, for example, the President, the active military against the demonstrators to use. Rioters and looters should be given “no Quarter”, he tweeted a piece of advice that speaks to both international as well as American law. “100 % correct”, back tweeted Trump. “Thank You, Tom!”

How Trump sees the thing with the military use in practice, however, is open. The democratic governors, many of whom have already activated their national guard, will hardly let the President according to its own criteria and in case of doubt, against their will troops in their Federal States. The New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has let Trump know that he needs no additional military. Whether and how the Trump in case of emergency behaviour in the case of a dispute wants, is open. The idea that the US President could be the 82. Airborne division to the city of Los Angeles or Brooklyn to jump off, not because the governors action there, allegedly hard enough against marauders, is completely bizarre. This would throw back the USA to the year 1861. At the time the civil war began.

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